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Gill Schwartz
M.A., B.Div.
Poet, Mystic,
World Traveler
Kathmandu to Kenosha
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Gill's Workshops

presented by Gill Schwartz, M.A., B.Div.


Four Paths to Unity
Based on the four Paths of Yoga —
(Hatha), Feeling (Bhakti), Thought (Jnana) and Intuition (Raja)

Rather than imposing techniques, our goal is to use this vast tradition to awaken what is real and unique for your in these realms. We will reveal and explore your own paths. Your unique character and gifts are the best means to bring personal fulfillment and express your spirituality. Gill's empathic, intuitive gifts, training and skills will help you into the fullness of this discovery. No prior experience is required.

Gill lived in India where he received his M.A. in Comparative Religion.
There he also studied privately with teachers in several traditions of yoga, healing and awakening.

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Cosmic Journey Through Your Four Realms of Being
Expand Your Boundaries. Know Yourself as a Cosmic Human.

The fullness of your being extends through four planes of existence.

The Earthly Realm, the plane of your physical, biological, worldly self and senses.

Beyond are the subtler planes:

The Astral Realm, the plane of your basic mind and emotions, of
your soul;

The Etheric Realm, the plane of your High Self and vital body
(chakras, the life-force (prana)), of the psychic senses and symbols, of higher consciousness and emotions, and of the Lords of Karma;

And the Celestial Realm, the heavenly plane of your spiritual body, the Ascended Masters, Angels, and the Essential Light.

We will use energy flow, breathwork, rhythmic movement, crative imagery and devotion (interfaith) to open a clearer experience of all four Realms and, as provided, make contact with guides and helpers. An adept empath and intuitive, Gill will help facilitate your access to greater self.

Exploring these other dimensions of your being will magnify the meaningand empowerment in your life. Besides the visions and gifts that you might receive along the way, this greater awareness of your cosmic self helps you maintain alignment with Divine Intention for you.

For more information about when and where this workshop is offered,
please leave note of your interest in the Guest Book. Thanks.

For more description of the Cosmic Realms, please read Quantum

Stress Transformation

Every phase of life seems stress filled, at the edge. What we thought would help becomes another complication. Up to 80% of all chronic illness is stress related. We can no longer run on "automatic" and let the Fight or Flight reflex run our lives.

Using skills and practices from biofeedback, imagery, energy and meditation help us take possession of our lives from being fragmented and reactive to circumstances. Living from your own center, life becomes more flexible and flowing. Challenges can be pleasant excitement. Conflict becomes a call for an expanded heart and mind.

This workshop will give you a practical sampling of means: to be fully in your body, relaxed and open to its reactions and wisdom, to be fully in your mind and settled into the creative healing mode of consciousness, to have your soul and spirit in greater alignment.

This kind of "stress management" leaves you secure to take life's
unpredictability as adventure rather than hardship. It leaves you able to guide yourself into more peaceful, productive states of being.

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Gill draws on years of biofeedback research and stress management
at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, and decades of teaching yoga, meditation and providing counseling. He has taught workshops in Stress Transformation at Loyola University, Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago and for Visiting Nurses Associations.

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