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by Gill Schwartz



Nearly the whole Family was together, for a change. We were in a new Celestial glade, only a few billions years old, where We'd decided to gather to celebrate this new creation. Dad had generated this cosmos some eons before, an esthetic experiment, Mom told us. He'd planted some hints on the way He could see things going --Shape Setters, He called them-- and then He was off on another such exploration. I guess being boundless and eternal has a down side too, always yearning for expression through manifestation.

So, as usual, it was up to Mom to fill in the details. On the way to that particular cosmos from pre-eternity, She'd told us about this special experiment She was working on. Of all the myriad star-suns, many with planets circling them, there was a group of speck planets circling one of them that, through Her visions, or maybe Dad's suggestion, was to be a site for s very special creature, a potential host for the Holy Spirit. Even so, rather than stick around and see what would happen, most of my Brothers and Sisters had taken off to frolic and explore. I could see their point. It was really a Garden of Eden. So there were only a few of Us catching the gist of what She was sharing about, a creature that She'd taken an inspired liking to.

The two things that took Her fancy about this primate was that, besides some budding intelligence, it had a good sense of humor --She loved their buffoon expressions-- and they could scratch each other's backs. She can be a bit whimsical after all these eons of bringing creatures into being, watching them gratify Her curiosity and then pass away. Some few of them had even gotten a glimpse of Her Splendor through their own particular potential's realization.

This primate She'd chosen was a charming creature in many ways, sometimes with expressions that seemed to bode well for its possible evolution. But, I had a sense, a premonition...

"Yes, this creature's physical dexterity and budding consciousness do offer interesting possibilities," I agreed with Her, to be amiable. "But there is something about its greedy appetites and its flaring rages that bothers me. Their only interests seem to be hoarding every banana they can grab and sniffing at every female they pass. Do you think, along with those qualities, they can ever evolve enough to hold the Presence?" Obviously, I was trying to talk Her out of it. "How about one of those awakening sea creatures. The dolphins or porpoise would seem great possibilities. And, even though they're heavily bound by instinct, birds, especially the owls, carry a splendid innate majesty."

Loving wisdom poured from Her Heart to overflow and soothe me. "Yes, my beloved Son, Melichtzadik. I know of your longing to see every creature in the universe filled with prayer and ceremony. And indeed, the Owl already does bear the sacred crown and chalice. But I sense this monkey being has the greatest possibilities of truly awakening..

"If He were here, He could just create the perfect creature to carry out this calling, couldn't He?" I complained.

She drew Herself within for some while, emanating powerful rainbows of potential as She reflected. "I can imagine how that splendid being He'd create might appear." She gave a knowing grin. "Yes, but We have no such powers and capacities. He pardoned Himself from further involvement here. He assured me there is more important work that He must see to. He felt called to adjust the Primal Matrix that allows manifestation to happen at all. You know how He loves those sublime etheric "Ultimate Realms and Dimensions". After all, He is God. And bless His bountiful Heart, He wants nothing more than to lovingly manifest everywhere." She gave a sweet shrug and flutter of Her eyes that displayed her deep love and admiration.

"And this area of creation is not one of Our major concerns at this instant in Eternity. It really is just of passing interest, ephemeral as all this narrow space/time Realm is. We must do the best We can with what We find here and let it be. And those primates, limited that they might be, seem an apt way to try out Our recent divine inspirations. One of those quick and easy universes, You see."

I clearly knew it then. She would offer them this heaven, and they would make it a hell.

Mom can really be stubborn sometimes.


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