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by Gill Schwartz



I experience my archetypal guides in this Earthly Realm as two disparate, distinct selves. Totally different and unique, they are in many ways "like Night and Day". At times, I'm not sure they even know about each others' existence, or even mine.

Boddidharma wears the cowl of his blue monk's robe low to shield his tenderheartedness from all the pitiful things he sees about him. His hand gesture is the auspicious gesture of peace.

Ookma is from another planet or realm. As intelligent as his companion, but descended from lizards, so lizard minded. His rows of pointy teeth are always bared. Green, scaly skin, blood red eyes, and taloned claws that he always keeps raised. He sums up his viewpoint on our world simply. "Humaans", he hisses. "Wonderful when roasted. But a nuisance when alive."

These are my two potentially complimentary archetypes to live out/through in this Realm of Ten-Thousand Things. Boddidharma and Ookma hold the divine power of opposition for me. They are my personalized aspects of Avolokitaishvara and Mahakala, the light and shadow presentations of Buddha's awakened consciousness. Together, they activate and resonate with many parts of my psyche and being they wouldn't have access to separately. They bring great depth and distress and passion to my life. They urge me, through their tormenting polarization, to create a mind and heart spacious enough to leave ample room for them both, together.

When they do know of each other, their relationship is mainly in their own hands, with little I can do to affect it. At times, their connection can be complimentary and mutually fulfilling. Then they manifest as cooperative partners and balance out each other's limitations. Ookma's criticallness is modified into sharp discernment. Boddidharma's compassion gains greater capacities of depth and power. A Duo in harmonious synergy.

But often they are in opposition and conflict. Everything becomes a matter of confrontation between them. Should I end up passive and submissive while fuming with viscous rage inside, when I'd hoped to be understanding and tolerant, I know this polarized animosity is the work of my inner adversaries. Their enmity spills into my outer life so that everything appears to me as offensive and sabotaging.

The only glimpse I get of resolution to their disparity is when I recognize that they join with and implement the guidance of the other members of my Council of Helpers; Metatron, an Angel of the Presence, the Council's overseer, Elder Brother, a Lord of Karma, who reveals the meaning beyond the web of desire and circumstance and Kalanada, soul of my past life as a wandering monk, now my Ka, the "one who goes with", and the archetypal imago's of Boddidarma and Ookma.



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