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Wisdom Visions
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by Gill Schwartz

Your Self Revelations

The only life you can experience directly is your own.
Everything else is hearsay.
When you say "life," your life is the only one you can mean.
What and whoever is real to you is so because they are in your life.
This makes clear that everything you are and can experience
is inside you, not outside
— aliveness, consciousness, love, all of it.
As far as your personal reality is concerned,
everything else is real only insofar
as it attracts and reflects parts of you.
Though each and every being and thing also has
its own inner reality.

That whole material realm that you experience
through your bodily senses and mind is like a cosmic sandbox.
You are there for your spirit to play in.
You can pretty much make up anything you want out of that 'sand':
castles or dungeons, frustration or fulfillment,
things to pour yourself into or things to avoid.
As what you make from that sand is real for you
—is part of your life-
it takes on that reflected reality.
But, when you are finished playing with that particular mirage,
you can dispose of it and create a different projection to play with.
But don't forget, it's just "sand."

Fear and illness come from self imposing others' truth
rather than honoring your own.
The meaning the spirit seeks is not in the outer, social self.
That's the packaging, the expression,
the surface self enmeshed in passing time.
fraught with the loss of what you desire
and the arrival of what you fear or dislike.

The outer, social self is unreal machinery, adaptive software.
In awakening from identification with that programmed,
dualistic consciousness, incredible truths are there for you.
Higher purpose and calling become evident concerns.
Each and every experience is self-fulfilling
and the angst over 'what might be' disappears.
It is the contents of your being that gives your life meaning,
the growth and transformation of your reality.
It is the inner Source that guides
your way through the flux of circumstance.

Your universe, your sandbox, is but a tiny slice of All That Is.
But it is your slice, your peephole into Ultimate Reality. 
Pretending that your slice is not your creation and responsibility
is one sure way to have your castles crumble
before you have time to play in them.
Your slice of All That Is
gets its empowerment from the way you live your truth.
Because ordinary consciousness can only hold so much,
facets of your being tend to fragment off, to personify into
sub-selves that each contain their own perspective on your Truth.
You create your world by what you imagine
and which of your selves does the imagining
each with its own perspective and needs.

So, you can treat all this like "sand", like a dream,
like a mirror for your innermost to reflect on,
though each and every being and thing
is as real as you are to yourself.
It is your spirit's game to play as it is called to,
to make up the rules as it goes along.
It is your source and purpose of the game.
But, with others who are doing their spirit's dance,
you own that your life is the only one you know.

Now that you understand the gist of this,
the challenge is how to face these two ways at once.
Rather than flipping your awareness back and forth between
the apparently real world around you and this inner source —spirit—
you find a consciousness to hold them both.  

Most of us prefer the obvious, the world of our physical
beings and senses, as the pivot of our lives.
It is comforting to unconsciously play
with the glitter and primal drives,
compressing into the layers of illusions
—of self, family, race, species—
into the dream/nightmare of consensus.
But then your own spirit-dance is left as little more
than fantasy, a self haunting.

Thus, to hold your wordly labor of love in the highest,
it must resonate with the depths of your personal myth,
with the core of your being,
with the dance of Universal Being through you and as you.
This fullness of aliveness and consciousness leads
to release the bindings of circumstance and conditioning,
the either/or mind.
This fuller awareness perceives the depth and wholeness
of the Light and Shadow's dance.
So, with it you can look both ways at once, together,
towards the inmost and beyond to the outer.
There, in that Shimmering between the realms,
where neither and both are, is the doorway to the most truly you.
In that Shimmering, both realms are synergized, transcended.

A reborn Self comes into being that guides you
to recognize that your aliveness is the Infinite
coming into being through and as you, and you becoming It.

"This is the true meaning of the notion I"

This most truly you is an expression of the All That Is.
That Self alone can grasp the Circulation of the Light.

As you are drawn into that fullness of Being,
self responds in grateful devotion to Self.
That which you believed was Other,
you now recognize as an aspect of the Circulation:
Self becoming Other, Other becoming Self.
Knowing that this Self is the source of all that you prize
—aliveness, consciousness, love and meaning—
you go to the Other with the same recognition.

And your sandbox transmutes into a sea of golden crystal,
each facet reflecting, grain by grain, the wonderous Splendor.
Now your Spirit can frolic in time and Eternity, both at once.

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