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Gill Schwartz
Gill Schwartz
M.A., B.Div.
Poet, Mystic,
World Traveler
Kathmandu to Kenosha
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Gill's Councel

Personal Healing Through Spiritual Growth

Your life tugs at you from within.
Amidst pain and confusion are images
of inner unfolding, soul-bright possibilities emerge.

You discover, in this play of light and dark,
you are your own path to healing and wholeness.

Intuitive Spiritual Counseling and Healing (Interfaith)
Gill Schwartz, M.A., B.Div.

Gill's decades of prayerfully guided work is based on his training in India, a whole-person approach that includes the Five Bodies that comprise your whole being. In this context, and with extensive training, he offers therapeutic bodywork, energy field and chakra balancing, levels of the heart, soul reading, creative imagery, healing and ceremony (life transition, visioning, empowerment, etc.).

His focus is beyond personality and conditioning
to the roots of your concern,
where true healing and self-knowledge originate.

As an adept empath and intuitive,
he aligns with your personal process
and spiritual calling.


Your unique unfolding and Gill's intuitively guided skills align in the work together to bring you greater aliveness. You awaken to new resources and insights to empower healing your life's concerns and to nurture your spiritual growth.


  • Spiritual awakening and development.

  • Critical life transitions.Physical, mental/emotional and soul healing.Developing greater self-awareness, intuition, and creativity.Relationships.

  • Past lives, spiritual guides and helpers,
    karmic issues and departed ones.


"Helps us make sense of the paradox of being both spirit and human. Guides you through the maze of your own truth. A gifted teacher and healer of the soul."
Vinita Azarow. D.C.

"An adventure into deeper aliveness with a safe, nurturing support. New possibilities and appreciation for myself and others in my life. Transformative. Added dimension to my spiritual practice."
Amy Pollock, OTR/L

"Healing work that made a real change. Define myself and others differently. A peace I'd not known. Glad he's in my world."
Dennis Elkenberry

"A caring and respectful spiritual teacher. Facilitates solutions to living daily in spiritual harmony." Barbara Grace, Ph.D. Psychotherapist

"Through his intuitive, nurturing approach to life's lessons, I moved through difficulties, that otherwise might have taken years of effort, into spiritual blossoming."
Linda Krafsur, R.D.,L.D.

"When his clairvoyant gaze unearths a core issue, one's being responds in recognition. Grateful for the healing on physical, emotional and soul levels."
Dette Dominques, Psychotherapist

"Couples work with Gill cuts through the "blame game" stuff to the soul of our issues."
Jack and Jeanne Hickey

"Guided me through a major life transition, turning the onset of a serious illness into an opportunity for spiritual transformations"
Phil Simmons, Ph.D
.(author of Learning to Fall)

"Helped me expand my mind to reach within, to say yes to my own unique experience of life. Shares his authenticity, wisdom, great chuckle and warm heart."

Doreen Smith, R.N., C.A.D.C.

"Enclosed is my long overdue second payments for your wonderful assistance. Thank you for your patience. I also wish to express my deep gratitude to you for so generously and freely giving of your time and assistance on the other occasions when I truly needed it.

You are one of the best examples of what a true teacher and facilitator is meant to be. You don't try to fix or caretake. You compassionately allow one to express themselves, then offer provocative information that serves to set one's feet back on the path of their own quest — to find their OWN answers. Bless you, my friend I am very glad to know you are in the world, doing what you are doing. I have been enriched from our interactions, and I am grateful. Namaste."
Paula Battaglio

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