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Wisdom Visions
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by Gill Schwartz


A Dream

Entranced, in sleep, by the crashing sounds of torrential downpour,
I nightmare myself into the maws of a mammoth whirlpool.
Its cascading spiral sweeps out around as far as I can see.
All about me, also trapped in this flaying vortex,
is everything imaginable – trees and houses,
elephants and humans, fish and planets –
all caught in this flood's immense, unrelenting grasp,
spun round and down into this Cosmic Whirlpool.

Of the multitudes of others that whirl round me,  
most look benumbed, sunk in false sleep, hypnotized
by fleeting illusions. Oblivious to the Whirlpool,
they pretend out their fears and longings, passions and bloodshed.
Creatures of oblivion, too insensate to discern
this cataclysm we are immersed in.  
And all the illusions of security they desperately
cling to but drags them deeper.

I note a few people though, too terribly few,
that show signs of wakefulness.
They respond to this pandemonium,
with expressions of apprehension, urgent confusion,
some even with brave excitement.

 At first, I'm awed with the scope of my consciousness
that encompasses this vast scene.          
Then I'm intrigued, watching the multitude of tragicomedies,
of other's helpless dilemmas.
Then, ultimately, I'm left enraged,
a helpless speck trapped in this plummeting spiral,
gulped down by this twisting torrent
into the somber abyss below.

My fury at being so slavishly enmeshed
sets my life-force core afire,
magnifies its flame through my spine and arms
to flex me back into an arch of rebellion.
The surge of aliveness strives to fling me up,
away from this deathly down-rush.
In this expression of total defiance
– body, will and soul –
I'm suddenly joined to an exalting surge of Force
that wondrously transcends my own,
a Grace of empowerment from Beyond
all the narrow dreams and dramas I perceive about me.

These two forces merge – my wholehearted gesture of rebellion
and this influx of Grace – to tear me free
from the enslaving Whirlpool,
to miraculously ascend me back up
towards selfhood and Light.

As I brave my way upward through the torrent   
to escape its destroying tide,
I discover some of the other awoken ones striving upward too,
 also favored by this Power beyond our own.
Though each of us starts our own striving
from personal causes and reactions
– frustration, fear, anger, heroism –
even these narrow gestures serve to bring us
into alignment with the intent within this Grace.  

These rays of Divine Impulse surge through us,
weave us together in common calling.
It brings our efforts into resonance,
multiplying their effects and potency.  
These intertwining strands of Grace grow tangible
and reveal themselves as a WEB of Light,
an emanation and aspect of the Wholelife Energy Bond.

I grow aware of another multitude of others   
clinging to those of us entwined with the WEB
Not moved by or involved in our struggle,
these others are drawn to merely cleave
desperate to escape the engulfing catastrophe.
At first I'm resentful of their passivity,*
and shame them. But soon they too appear
as part of the revelation, an affirmation
that Grace serves all who yearn for it.

Like pearls strung through Its golden interweavings,
each being is an embellishment of the splendor
of the Wholelife Energy Bond. For a timeless eon
I swirl up through the Cosmic Whirlpool,
enthralled by my strivings with it.

I awake from this dream-vision to find
the sheets of rain still pouring over my windows.  
The sounds that evoked that dream, perhaps.
But visionary sight still sees the Cosmic Whirlpool continues,
swirling down, every being and thing caught in its deluge.  
And we who are joined in the WEB still strive
against the smothering tide, the God Urge urging us on.           



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