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by Gill Schwartz


A Vision of Inter-Realm Doorways

Early morning practices call me from sleep
and find me fresh and ready.
My vital energies are charged and,
as I begin my breathwork meditation,
my consciousness begins to soar.

"Lets open another Portal,"
some psychically greedy me coaxes.
And, sure enough, as my awareness awakens
in some bright subtle realm,
I find an majestic, luminous Portal before me.

Excited and motivated, I start casting around
in my psychic repertory for ways I might open it
and reveal the marvels beyond.
It gives a little. A splendor beams through.

While that "doing" part of me is entranced with all this
another, more fundamental part, gently moved me back,
thus opening my perspective.
This greater view reveals that this splendid Portal
actually sits on an open plane, alone and isolated.
There is nothing to stop me walking around it,
or reason I need deal with it at all.

This evokes a torrent of reflections and realizations
on my usual daily concerns and efforting.
I see that being absorbed in such symbolic tasks
makes me believe that 'doing' self is who I am.
How much of my life is spent on such "Portals"?

As all this proceeds, my perspective is shifted again,
my focus drawn much further back and inclusive.
From this greater view I can also perceive that this Portal
is one in a column of Portals before me,
'openings' to the Realms of reality stacked before me
from my Third Eye down to my Root Chakra.

To perceive and hold all this in awareness
opens me to cosmic consciousness.
In this Knowing, I see that I am totally at one with all this.
I am all these Realms.
They are reflected facets of my Being.

And while that outer, "doing" self is taken up with,
"Can I open this Portal? What's beyond it?"
and such mind-chatter, that real Me,
in the state of self revelation, answers,
"And does it really matter."     




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