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An Angel of the Presence in the Celestial Realm
Elder Brother
A Lord of Karma in the Etheric Realm
A Soul Self/Previous Life in the Astral Realm
Bodhidharma and Ookma
Standards for My Life in the Earthly Realm
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by Gill Schwartz


A Visionary Exploration of the Four Cosmic Realms
that Link Divine Intention and Everyday Life in the Earth Realm.
Council of Helpers
A dark and desperate time in my life. Dreams I'd spent years on had failed, important plans made and long worked for had failed. Or succeeded and thus disclosed their futile emptiness. Without that trumped up guise of something significant in my existence, I was swallowed and swept away in the anguished yearnings of my soul's unquenched thirsts and ravished longings. Encased and sealed up in this state of doubt, my fulfilling light was not being lived, only my disappointment and grief.

And aloneness. I was left to drown in a sea of it, drenched and consumed by the absolute apartness and isolation I felt from life and everyone and everything else that might be satisfying for me, strengthening. In my that aloneness I was certain that everyone else is also truly just as alone.

The scream in my anguished heart flung me to the floor on my hands and knees with my forehead pressed devoutly to the floor.

"Oh, Lord of Darkness and of Light,
I am here within Your Sight.
Please send me Helpers, I do pray,
To beam their light to show my Way."

I stayed crouched there, body, heart and soul pressed to the ground in fierce and desperate prayer for help and guidance and company to help heal my confused mind and distraught soul. I mediated and tried to give over to the calming reassurance that slowly awoke in me. Though a fairly regular practice, along with devotion before my Altar, this time was also a desperate escape from the disturbing welter of details and obligations and an avalanche of griefs that seemed to be consuming me. As I made efforts to gently still my body and tortured mind, I continued to pray to be connected with higher resources to help and guide me through the life-maze I had myself in.

Gradually the distress did ease some and my attention settled down to a quieter core of my being. I sat in empty minded relief some while when I noticed that the vague diffuseness filling my awareness gradually growing lighter and luminous. It felt cleansing and soul nurturing so, without question, I willingly opened myself fully to it.

A visionary journey began in a deeply centered and peaceful state. As I became more absorbed in it, my awareness and the feelings it called up awoke me to a kind of boundless cosmic consciousness. Even without any perceptible details, it unbound my heart and mind. Assured in my soul that I was under Divine guidance, I resolved to give myself fully to whatever experiences I might be taken through.

To confirm that my prayer was being answered, several figures gradually congealed out of the charged vagueness, not detailed, but each with a clear sense of individual uniqueness. This brought even more hopeful anticipation. As if someone was whispering to me just out of earshot, a Teacher, I recognized I was being coached on all that was happening. But not till the figures actually took definite shapes could I grasp the guidance I was being given.

A form at the center of the diffuse gathering grew more solid seeming and detailed. The guiding voice grew clearer and I was told, in some deep, intuitive level of mind, that this was Metatron that appeared, an Archangel of the Presence. In her splendor, she appeared with three banked sets of wings, feathers gloriously extended out in a wide arc behind her. Each set of her wings were a different radiant color, indescribable in earthly terms.

Her features were too resplendent for me to perceive anything distinctly but her Third Eye set vertically in her forehead and her immensely radiant Heart. Both of these also had three distinct layers, the same soul-colors as her three sets of wings. The luminous grandeur and caring she emanated awed me. A loving feminine Presence from the Heart of God. In total devout surrender, my heart and third eye merged with hers and awoke to Illuminative Conscious. Through her Knowing, I beheld that all that as a fleeting guise for the inexpressible Highest Reality. Pure boundless, pure Being, ecstatic awareness tjat is visioary and prophetic, and the Love that is the essence of all this.

As my awareness absorbed into her lucent being, Metatron illumined me. Her Heart touching mine, she took me down through my own heart's three layers. The outermost layer, the one I knew as my wound-tattered heart, my personality, was entwined with the world around me. This was the prison of my past, it's pains and longings, its sentiments and hatreds.

The next deepest layer she revealed was my heart's soul. Here were my innermost emotions and passions, the meanings and truths of my being. This I recognized as the source of who I really felt myself to be. Then, enfolding me with caring and security, Metatron took me to a place I would have feared to go alone, to the depths of emotion, the deepest layer, the awing Heart of my heart, where mine merges with God's.

Divine Love bubbled up from these depths as purely as it came through Metatron. As I soaked in this, I knew this Love was beyond all form or expression. It was as ineffable as Spirit itself. It quenched a thirst I'd carried my whole life. Here was the Love I had yearningly prayed for, that I eternally pray for, here at the root of my life.

As I drank and drank of this innermost Nectar, Metatron also took me into resonance with her Third-Eye. My consciousness was absorbed into a luminous, shadowless field of awareness, a unified field of consciousness where everything seemed revealed in its fullness. All was evident, understandable beyond the need for thought.

There in the Celestial Realm I was a formless spirit. There everything rests in the Eternal. No sense of time in any way. All is eternal, boundless. My consciousness was free of limitation, clear of restricting assumptions, expansive enough to hold whatever it perceived in this Realm permeated with the brightest Light of Presence.

Thus merged with Metatron, Third Eye and Deep Heart, she revealed to me, "This Celestial Realm of angels, the God realized and prophets performs the first step in Cosmosis. This is the underlying dynamic through all Creation, to spiritualize matter and to materialize Spirit. This is the guiding impetus throughout all Creation.

"Our service and divine calling is as 'messengers'. In the Presence, the Divine Intention resonates throughout our beings. We gather and formulate the inexpressible Divine Intention into cosmic intelligence. This is in the form of 'messages' to be transmitted from this Celestial Realm. The first step in Cosmosis. These 'messages' expedite the quantum leaps across the Realms from the ineffable Divine Intention into a possibility of taking form and manifesting."

Metatron then released me from her embrace with a knowing that we were now truly joined. I was left with heart healing and the Knowing she transmitted: "Who you think you are shapes how you experience what happens to you. It all depends on how you hold it; defensively clenched or released with understanding forgiveness. Is you Truth Celestial perception or deluded personality, depending on how you know yourself.

"You Leave, but you are always here. Now you know your true heart of Love. Now you know the Sea of Mind all minds float in. Whatever Realms you wander, seek their songs and they will guide your role in the "messages". The rest will follow."

A reaching bridge of gradated colors and forces appeared. As I was gently transposed down this into the next Realm, the Etheric, I took a cloud-like form. As I floated down this Rainbow Bridge, I was aware of an energy matrix running throughout it. the swirling grid lines of magnetism radiated boundless potentiality. Time, of a sort, also began. Not narrow, linear, sequential time, but more a globular awareness of the inherent potential of the unfolding in things. Formulating intention and purpose was in the nature of this Etheric Realm. My awareness was drawn into the very core of thought and creativity. Here was the archetypal source of all concepts and understanding. Intention, purpose and ideal are the means of movement through and around this forest of potentiality.

A Helper appeared to me. Its form was a large egg-like shape of swirling hues and energies. The Teacher once again conveyed awareness and comprehension directly into my awareness. I saw that my Helper there was an Ascended Master who had finished with his own need to incarnate eons ago. He is one of those who's mission warrants calling them 'the Lords of Karma.' In contact with him in the years since then, although he never let me see more of him than the egg-like shape, telepathically, on subtle intuitive levels, he is open and cordial in helping me understand his role in Cosmosis. Because, apart from being on my Council, he guides and mentors my High Self. I called him Elder Brother.

A wise and ripened spirit who well grasps and uses the peculiarities of the Realms, he soon brought me into resonance with himself the higher consciousness Elder Brother uses to perform his sacred service in Cosmosis. Now I recognized some familiarity in the process and suspected I'd been taken through it often, but not consciously. I was stunned as I merged with his Cosmic awareness. It held the incredible complexities and interactions of the Etheric Realm's form engendering matrix. This awoke me to the nature and quality of consciousness Elder Brother used to perform his sacred service in Cosmosis.

Through the Teacher's guidance, I grasped that this later serves as a formatting for the Celestial Realm's 'messages' to resonate with. This allows them to align with the individual karma cocoons in the lower, more concretized Astral and Earth Realms of those to take birth. This opens the possibilities for the 'messages' from the Celestial Realm created and transmuted into understanding and action. Here is the potential for the 'messages to become manifest through personal thoughts and actions that shape each individual soul's unique calling and journey in sacred service in Cosmosis.

First a tingling then tiny sparkling of varied colored lights revealed he was communicating with me. Through this channel he created a sense of how they implemented the Messages transmitted by Metatron. As I merged with the consciousness The Lords use to perform this scared service in Cosmosis, I grasped that the boundless webs of latent karma serve as a formatting vehicle for the Messages. They resonate with the individual karma cocoons in the Astral and Earth Realms of those preparing to take birth. This opens the possibilities for the Messages into understanding and action to become manifest through personal thoughts and actions that shape each soul's unique calling and journey. I sensed how I might implement this insight into my own life.

Through a startling shifts in awareness I was participating as the Lords of Karma also worked with Storehouse Consciousness, the Akashic Record. This holds the memory traces of every soul's unfolding — every detail, pattern and purpose. Like a multileveled chess game, I witnessed them use their incarnation-ripened wisdom to formulate the karmic patterns to help align each individual's process with the expression of the Divine Intention. Elder brother projected a wonderfully full but near detailess archetypal sense of the Ideal. He displayed each person's self fulfillment with their spirit's role in vitalizing resonance.

Elder Brother opened my awareness to fuller dimensions of this Realm. "As well as guiding individual lives," he revealed, "we also focus on larger soul group karmas and callings; races, ethnic groups and nations." I saw these various facets of the overall Impulse as differently imbued Rays. "Those emanate from this Etheric Realm down through the Astral Realm to be concretized in the Earthly Realm. Archetypes, engrams and instinct manifest in the particular." I recognized the deepest mysteries of my mind's workings.

He had been an astute and caring guide and revealed what I needed to know. Then, Elder Brother offered his leave-taking by communicated to me through our meta-consciousness. "Who you think you are shapes how you experience what happens to you. It all depends on how you take it; defensively clenched or released with understanding. Is it Celestial perception or deluded judgment? It all depends on how you know yourself.

"Let the higher experience be your guide, rather than diluting it to grasp it easier. Live from Archetype and Essence! Always remember that the particulars and details are merely the flutter of erratic winds."

The Rainbow Bridge appeared again. Now longer, connecting the three Realms I'd journeyed with its gradations of energy and form.

As Elder Brother dissolved back into the featureless mist of my vision consciousness, I had revelation of the cocoon of karma I had taken to shape my life. That moment was one of the higher experience of that vision episode, but I still recognized my life's wounds shaping my experience of it. Inspired by Elder Brother's counsel, a complement to Metatron's, I was transmitted down into the next, denser Realm; the Astral.

The flow of time was more focused here too, more restricted, near tangible. A new, denser level of sensing opened for me too in order to grasp the greater detail of things. My sensing and emotions became more tangible too with more a sense of particular longings and aversions. The Astral Realm. Here I witnessed those complex matrix configurations created by the Lords of Karma merging with the lives of individual souls. These aligned with their personal Ray and karmic webs from the Etheric Realm as part of their vehicle of manifestation on the lower Realms. As I witnessed this, I gained a clearer sense of my own individuality, the complex dimensionality of my personal levels of consciousness. I visioned the subtle astral matter congeal around my cocoon of soul and karmas. Even though I couldn't identify any definite features, I felt recognizably myself.

The Astral Realm, as I perceived it, was peopled with many varieties of souls and soul-like beings, at many levels of evolution and expression. Some could, guided by their eternal spirits, the cocoon of karma that awaited them preparing to take birth. Some of the souls recently dead were reflecting on and releasing their lives from this higher perspective. Here they could appreciate, heal and release their recent incarnations more fully preparing to move on. Next might be incarnating again or moving on to dwell in Higher Realm. Other souls, not knowing they had died or were so attached to their appetites and delusions they had become hungry ghosts or demons enslaved to their delusions, manias and guilts.

Though it seemed intriguing, I had no other interest at that moment but to find the next of my Council of Helpers to guide me here. At my calling out in prayer, this third member appeared, Kalananda, an East Indian yogi monk. His name can mean 'the Bliss of Time' or the 'Ecstasy of Darkness.' The goddess Kali's name is a form of this same word.

Kalananda had been active in my life from early on. I came to know him as my High Self, my Oversoul. The One that comes with. He has been active in my life from early on. He is a disciple of Elder Brother and so is familiar with the workings of the Etheric Realm. Through him, from my teens I was drawn to Indian music and Oriental philosophy, and as a young man I studied classical Indian dance. In my thirties I was drawn to study Yoga. And, before long, I felt the call to teach Yoga myself. It was soon clear to me that I was remembering these skills, not just learning them.

Within a few years, I went to India and spent 6 years there studying advanced Yoga and spirituality. With my ease of adapting, I was especially aware of Kalananda there. One instance of Kalananda's presence was on my first trip to Southern India, where I was drawn to spent most of my stay, I heard his voice say, with great celebration, as clearly as if he were inwardly speaking with me, "Now we are going home." I realized he was the soul of my previous incarnation. His ongoing deep longing to merge and manifest Source gifts me incredibly. He gives lifelong purpose and gift to my quest. He is a doorway in my psyche to other selves and past lives. He teaches me what is Holy and that everything is to be placed on the Altar.

But his utter separation from others leaves me the soul task of fulfilling our purpose by connecting with others as best I can with this monk's soul. This awareness opens me to more forgiveness for my own self-inflicted burden. The strongest karma I bear as his heir, is to hold the recognition that the Self I seek is the Self of all. I am to hold and reflect the truth that when anyone says 'I', they can only mean their divine essence. Everything else is fleeting. Nothing else has true identity.

But, as well as I knew Kalananda before, in these ways, now as a member of my Council of Helpers, I came to know him in a new way. He became a teacher and guide, able to help me directly grasp how the abstract grid works of karma from the Etheric Realm are utilized in this Astral Realm of souls. The unique power of the individual soul gives reality to the interweaving webs of karma, happenstance and Divine Intention. It transforms them into personal reality and meaning. It manifests them through the individual's dreams, aversions, thoughts and actions.

Seeing him joined with the other members of my Council of Helpers on the Rainbow Bridge, I recognized those characteristics I'd found difficult in him — self-absorption and erratic relating — as really aspects of his role in the great coming-into-being of the Divine Intention. This acceptance and understanding of him are vital in the healing of my heart. Now I could begin to honor my own similar traits that had troubled me so. This awareness of Kalananda's calling helped me grasp the core nature of my own, beyond circumstance and conditioning.

My Oversoul Kalananda revealed to me on many levels, "Yes, you are called to the Earth Realm where we will have the capacity to materialize, to concretize even the subtlest, most evolved intuition and understanding," he revealed through Higher Consciousness.

But my human creature self, in bitter memories, angrily replieded, "Yes, and this is the Realm of continual conflict and confusion. Nothing that I recall that whatever dream I was motivated to fulfill was always filled with tormenting, clashing dualities."

"It is just those 'dualities' that allow things to be manifested, he assurd me. They are aspects of the wholeness. Your 'like-dislike' mechanism of lower mind dismembers the wholeness of things so that you are unable to grasp what is really happening."

"In the mean time, everything that seems a clear, certain thing immediately brings perturbing conflict and confusion," my human creature self grumbled angrily. "Why am I continually mislead there by what seems so certain in my mind?"

Long moments passed, posed, austere. He solemnly assured me, it was God's Heart that caringly spoke through his. "It is time that you understand and accept that your mind is not a reflection of 'Reality.' It is no more than scattered refractions off the stirred up waves of your needs and fears. What you are able to perceive of Reality in that way can never be other than distorting," Kalananda explained patiently.

He bowed to me with joined palms before his chest in the gesture of honored leave-taking. "The way to hold the All," he advised me with heartfelt communion, " is a trust-based offering of the lower to the higher. "This transcends the limitations and foibles of the primal levels of narrow, dualistic thought. It allows you to receive bountiful Knowing."

"Go share these experiences you have gratefully received with the prayer that they may also assist others connect with their Helpers and Guides, that they may benefit with healing and wholeness."

His guidance prepared me to bridge the next quantum leap the Rainbow Bridge down into the Four Square Earthly Realm of space, time, form and thought. I was back into being my worldly self with the familiar second hand, conditioned life-views and attitudes. Though I still had the detached outlook and perspective of my many Realmed journey, I was stuck back into my defended, hypersensitive self-image. Here were the feeling patterns and body image I knew as 'me.' Yet it seemed that all the other aspects of my being I'd just been graced to experience were, somehow, encapsulated in this 'me', this bit of the Four Square Realm I inhabit.

In this narrow linear, sequential timeline, I found myself in desperate conflict. While my High Self still held the witness awareness and means to engage in the incredible possibilities the process of Cosmosis offers, I recognized that my human creature self was entranced back into bondage to my archaic, chronic sense of who I am. This anguish from my frustrated potential was also part of the heartache in just being in that Realm.

Then, as I pondered this torment, my Council's two Helpers in this Earthly Realm appeared. Together. I experienced them as two disparate, distinct selves. Totally different and unique, they were in many ways "like Night and Day." At times, I wasn't sure they even knew about each others' existence, or even mine. I was startled to see two such dissimilar beings so obviously bonded.

One was Bodhidharma, "Buddha's Worker." His face revealed a fully compassionate heart with ready hands to express its caring. A kind soul of pure and limitless self-giving love. His long dark beard and hair were partly hidden behind the cowl of his midnight blue monk's robe, pulled low to shield his tender eyes and melting heart from the pitiful suffering in the world around him. His open right hand was held palm out before his chest, the tips of his thumb and first finger touching in the auspicious gesture of wisdom. In spite of his name, he reminded me of Jesus as well as the Buddha. His heart also gave me access to that deep well of the Heart that Metatron had revealed to me.

His partner, and, as I still gradually come to understand, his complement, was Ookmah. Ookmah is from another domain or continuum. He is as intelligent as his companion, but, as his looks and temperament unmistakably display, he is obviously ascended from reptiles. His rows of jagged teeth are almost always bared. Smile and viscous grimace look much the same on him. Green, scaly skin, blood red eyes, and taloned claws complete the picture. And he is most certainly reptile minded. He sums up his viewpoint simply. "Humaans", he hisses, "Wonderful when roasted, but very bothersome when alive."

I'd been contacted by them both before, separately, in visions and healing work, but I'd never imagined them relating with each other, different as they are, let alone being partners. But they truly are.

Should I end up passive and submissive while fuming with viscous rage inside, when I'd hoped to be understanding and tolerant, I know this polarized animosity is the work of my inner adversaries. Their enmity spills into my outer life so that everything appears to me as offensive and sabotaging.

At times, their relationship can be complimentary and mutually fulfilling. Then they manifest as cooperative partners and balance out each other's limitations. Ookma's criticallness is modified into sharp discernment. Boddidharma's compassion gains greater capacities of depth and power. These are my two potentially complimentary archetypes to live out/through in this Realm of Ten-Thousand Things. Boddidharma and Ookma hold the divine power of contraries for me. They are my personalized aspects of the light and shadow presentations of Buddha's awakened consciousness. A Duo in harmonious synergy and balance.

Not as good and evil, for then I find I can know Bodhidharma and Ookmah as polarities in service to higher purpose through my life. Their seesaw balancing can be a means to give expression to my role on the Rainbow Bridge. When I call on one, I now realize, the other also appears.

For much of my life the rage of one has been the protector of the other's vulnerability. Bodhidharma and Ookmah are each other's inverse and completion. They are my means to live out into the world.

Bodhidharma's recognition of the inherent Buddha nature in everyone tends to nurture forgiving patience in me. He confirms that the wisdom I seek is in my own heart. Ookmah's perceptions of people and situations are ruthlessly clear and detached. He also gifts me with a fervor and decisiveness that has enabled me to live an adventurous, fairly fearless life. When I get angry, he is quick to lend me suitable images and emotions to feed my rage.

Together, they activate and resonate with many parts of my psyche and being they wouldn't have access to separately. They bring great depth and distress and passion to my life. They urge me, through their tormenting polarization, to create a mind and heart spacious enough to leave ample room for them both, together.

"We are just as real and important to this human self of yours as God is," Ookmah and Bodhidharma adamantly assured me in bizarre unison as I glared at them in shock. "This conglomerate of animated dust and soul you live through would be as much at a loss without us as without Him."

These potent words shook me loose from the mind set and guarded heart I'd held. I gratefully understood that these two archetypes are twin prongs, wondrous complements as well as clashing torments. As an imponderable paradox, they are a means whereby my soul can engage and manifest in the Earthly Four Square Realm of ten thousand beings and things. Though they appear to be diametrically opposed, together, in synergy, they enable me to play my role in Cosmosis that calls me into this "here and now," into the confusing welter of duality and passing time The only glimpse I get of resolution to their disparity is when I recognize that they join with and implement the guidance from the other members of my Council of Helpers; Metatron, an Angel of the Presence, the Council's overseer; Elder Brother, a Lord of Karma, who reveals the meaning beyond the web of desire and circumstance and Kalanada, soul of my past life as a wandering monk, now my Ka, my Oversoul, the "one who goes with," and the archetypal imago's of Bodhidharma and Ookma.

Now I have my perspective also opened to corresponding levels of consciousness, from my visionary Journey through the Four Realms. Opened to my *corresponding levels of consciousness gives me vastly different ways to hold this 'me'. Although I was immediately hypnotized at being back into my egoic personality and body, back into the limitations and distortions of it's perceived reality, my other levels of knowing and perception didn't disappear completely.

That especially helps in revisioning the dynamics between Ookmah and Bodhidharma. Till then, treating them as an unavoidable either/or, had also contributed to that heartache in my life. Instead of their needing to be dismembering adversaries wrenching me back and forth, I found I could know them as polarities in service to higher purpose through my being. Their seesaw balancing could be a means to give expression to my role on the Rainbow Bridge.

As they hold the divine power of opposites for me, together they do a sacred ceremonial dance. It is a source of ecstasy, of tortuous conflict and wondrous mystery. When I can manage not to take it too personally, I see their interplay as masterful. Separately and together, they bring great depth, distress and passion to my life. They urge me, through their tormenting polarization, to create a mind and heart spacious enough to have room for them both. Together.

As I work my life on the Earth Plane with these partners, Ookmah and Bodhidharma, more consciously and open heartedly, we three learn and evolve with each other. Through our continual interplay, they are my polarities and the paradox that empowers me to engage in the world, to express and manifest my soul's purpose. Their *oppositeness makes this more manifestly formed, perhaps less compromised by the forces of circumstance and whimsy.

To fulfill the purpose of Cosmosis is to materialize spirit and to spiritualize matter, the descent of Divine Intention into our specific and detailed 'here and now' is part of a reciprocal flow. In this vision consciousness, I witnessed how even the most personal and idiosyncratic aspects of my life serve this highest purpose and then is recirculated back up through the Astral, Etheric and Celestial Realms as energy patterns to reach back to Source, I saw how these are received with gratitude for service given to the Divine Intention, a welcoming as to a returning child. Then I knew myself as a devotion driven spark, yearning to be fulfilled on returning to the Flame.

The manifestation of all these Realms in my life, even in a limited, distorted guise, gives my life meaning and purpose. All Realms are permeable to each other and are interpenetrated by the Rainbow Bridge. From that Seeing, all stages of Cosmosis happen simultaneously. Each facet of the Process reflects every other one, in my life as well as yours.

Though these Helpers came in answer my personal prayers, they evidently manifest universal realities. Therefore I share these visionary experiences I've gratefully received with the prayer that they also help you connect with your helpers and guides, that they may help benefit you with healing and wholeness.

These five Helpers are also my contact beings in the Four Realms of the Cosmos. They reveal and manifest how Divine Intention is transmitted in quantum leaps from one Realm to the next. Each of these Helpers has a role in a particular level of these transmutations called Cosmosis. This is the underlying purpose of the Cosmos, which is to materialize Spirit and to spiritualize matter. This is the guiding impetus throughout all Realms. This is a reciprocal process that gives Divine Intention means of manifestation and is the awakening Presence as the Heart of every being.

My Helpers also convey the life-force patterns formed by my deeds, foibles and choices back to Source as indications of my fulfilling the possibilities of the Divine Intention for my life. My Helpers personify and are the means for me to be more consciously aware of the workings of these other Realms. My interactions with them are the most empowering, intimate and considerate I can imagine.

In my visions, I experience these Four Realms as distinct, each with it's own splendors and challenges. Interlocking these is a Rainbow Bridge, a gradation of energies, that extends across the ocean of Becoming, from the subtlest Celestial Realm to the dense Four Square Earthly Realm of space, time, matter and thought.

Suffused with Divine Presence more than any other, Metatron is the hub of my Council of Helpers. Her Centered intention guides it. When I come into resonance with her Heart and Third-Eye and dissolve into their Splendor, in deepest devotion to the Eternal One, it brings me into alignment with the Divine Intention in my day-to-day life. I grow so immersed in the Rainbow Bridge across all the Realms, that I come into resonance with all my Helpers. My reality shifts. I know myself as a partner with them. That truly defines who I really am and what I'm about. From that perspective of awakened self-knowing, I can witness the vast incomparable beauties and wonders of the four Realms that meld to shape every moment in my life. And merged with Highest Consciousness and Love, I realize that all this vast interplay of Realms rests in the Divine Ocean of Being.

I join the higher consciousness Elder Brother uses to perform his sacred service in Cosmosis. A wise and ripened spirit who well grasps and uses the peculiarities of the various Realms, he reveals how to implement the Celestial messages transmitted by Metatron and her kindred angels into understanding and action in my own life.

Kalananda gives lifelong purpose and gift to my quest. He is a doorway in my psyche to other past lives. He teaches me what is Holy and that everything is to be placed on the Altar. But his utter isolation from others leaves me the soul task of fulfilling our purpose by connecting with others as best I can with this monk's soul. This awareness opens me to more forgiveness for my own self-inflicted burdens. The strongest karma I bear as his heir, is to hold the recognition that the Self I seek is the Self of all. I am to hold and reflect the truth that when anyone says 'I', they can only mean their divine essence. Nothing else has true identity.

As I work my life on the Earth Plane more consciously and open heartedly with these partners, Ookmah and Bodhidharma, we three learn and evolve with each other. Through their continual interplay, they are my polarities and the paradox that empowers me to engage in the world, to express and manifest my soul's purpose. Their oppositeness makes this more clearly formed, perhaps less compromised by the forces of circumstance and whimsy.

When I am a member of my Council with devotional intention, a peace and rightness confirm that my soul and spirit are in alignment with Divine Intention. Then even the aches and wounds of my heart are healed and their needs fulfilled. And the unfulfilled challenges and impossibilities in my life are intimately and compassionately witnessed by my Helpers who reshape my calling and capacity in the Divine Intention. The moments are touched with the vast beauty of this universal interplay between calling and compensation, Intention and fulfillment. The sacred process of Cosmosis is both awing and forgiving.

Or, insofar as I choose, I can ignore my Council and go about things on my own, in my own human way.

It was some years later, on a Winter Solstice, that I met my Shadow Hierarchy and between the two groups found my fullness of being.


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