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by Gill Schwartz


A Pre-birth Memory

An Angel of the Presence, Metatron, came to me.
In her splendor, she appeared with three sets of wings,
each an unique radiant hue,
feathers gloriously in an wide arc behind her.
Her features were too resplendent to see
more than her Third Eye and Heart Centers.  
Both of these revealed three distinct layers,
the same colors as her sets of wings.
A loving Feminine Presence from the Heart of God,
the luminous grandeur and caring she gave awed me,
though I was still but spirit myself.
In total devout surrender,
my heart and third eye merged with hers.

In this fision, She thus revealed me,
"The High and Holy One calls
on high spirits to incarnate
as witnesses and servants of His love"

"Let me go," I responded with all my being,
awing devotion flooding my essence.
"Let me help carry His message into all realms."

The Angel bathed me in her radiance.
"What form would you bear, what guise of matter
would suit this glorious purpose?" she asked.
"In all the eons I have roamed these universes,
free of any form or purpose but my own curiosity,
of all I have seen and experienced,
a beauteous image remains:
A Poem of Crystal like a Bird:
A poem whose rhythm and rhyme resonate
with the Truth beyond words;
Crystal, whose facets refract and recombine
Light from Source into resplendent rainbow;
A Bird, whose wings carry it effortlessly
on the flowing wind,
from the past to its awaiting destiny."

Metatron enraptured her six multicolored wings about me,
to sustain me in what she had to say.
"I am sorry, dear spirit, but nothing like that exists
in all the realms of matter," she explained.
"But there is, on a world in a sliver of space-time,
a being that can transmute into that state you describe,
or, as well, its furthest opposite.
We will give you that form of endless possibility.
We will make you a human."




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