Wisdom Visions

Gill Schwartz
Gill Schwartz
M.A., B.Div.
Poet, Mystic,
World Traveler
Kathmandu to Kenosha
Visionary Teachings
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Life's Photos




With my parents


As a young boy



Yoga asanas that I taught for over 30 years
in the U.S. and India.


Studied Indian dance, classical and folk with Bhaskar Roy Chowdury, New York City.
Danced with his concert troupe and
in a Broadway play he choreographed.


Gill, Fredi and Shell at Wedding

Weddiing Photo:
Shel Silverstein as Bestman at Wedding of
Gill and Phyllis Schwartz


We three: Phyllis, Nathaniel Maxim and me.


In Iran where I taught college English for a year.


Bible study course in Tamil Nadu, India


On Shantivanum, Fr. Bede Griffth's ashram in Southern India.
My main home during 6 years in India.


On returning to the States, I did biofeedback
research at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.


I also investigated alternative healing.


Over the years, I did shamanic studies
with Wallace Black Elk from the Lacota tribe,
and Sun Bear from the Sioux tribe.
My medicine name is Crazy Owl.


This is God, Gill Schwartzing.
A dear friend's observation.


The Fountain of My Altar 2012


Gill in Winter Retreat 2014




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