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Wisdom Visions
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by Gill Schwartz


A Vision

I'm in my shabby sleeping room.
It's early morning on a chilly, gray day.
I gratefully do my offering and invocation
and move into the silence of meditation.
The focus of my mind settles deeper and deeper,
away from outer circumstance and concerns,
moving far beneath my usual sense of self,
I'm taken into a vastly open visionary state.

Beings of Light or E.T.s, I can't tell which,
but unquestionably they come from
some unimaginable distance or dimension.
With highest caring and intent,
they gather around me to form a dome
as I'm seated in the lotus pose before my altar.
I perceive there are seven of them,
but they are in such a state of resonance,
they seem to be a multitude.

While four hold the cardinal energy directions
--joined in a circle with their limbs, perhaps wings, entwined--
the others hover over me and begin their task.
They work in smooth syncronicity,
each with a different and specific task.
Without disturbing me or causing any discomfort,
they psychically undo the top of my skull along the sutures.
With painless ease, a wide channel is opened, front to back,
along the top of my head, extended to immense spaciousness.

These entities of cloudy shimmering whirls,
gently and with coordinated precision,
place flexible and translucent leads,
made of the same substance as my nerves,
to the nodal points of my brain,
junction loci for all my mind's patterns.
The leads fuse naturally with my flesh and psyche,
extending outward from my brain,
antennas expanding out into the universe.

Through them, the field of my consciousness expands,
is made permeable, radiantly aware and joy filled.
I perceive intriguing new potentials of knowing
far beyond all previous glimpses I've had.

My helping entities stay as witnesses to my odyssey
while I explore and savor these marvelous perceptions.
Without restricting my wandering quest, they share insights
through transference of thought and awareness,

When, at last, I feel sated, they take me to a more subtle level,
a field of awareness beyond my own.
Here, they fuse the leads from my brain to other leads
extending out around other beings' brains and psyches.
(Some resemble mine, some very much do not).
Although I am totally awed and astounded,
I feel completely safe and reassured, at peace throughout,

As our psychic energies merge, each fusion of our leads
opens the scope of my knowing of the other's world-view.
Although each is totally diverse and as galactic as my own,
yet, I experience each of them in the most personal, intimately knowing ways, as they experience themselves
in their innermost being, I experience myself.
I can effortlessly free flow from one psyche to another,
with the simplest gesture of intention.

With bewildered wonder and sometimes terror or rapture,
each merging reveals another singular, personal history.
On their own soul's level, I experience each of their
world view through which to know every facit of life,
their callings their lessons to be learned, the gifts they bring,
their unique awarenesses, feelings and afflictions,
memories and longings, karmic debts to be paid and collected.

Each one's intricate universe is coexistent with mine,
the special slice of reality they have access to, also becomes mine
--becomes me. In joyful gratitude, I experience each of these souls
--of imaginable variety-- with as much naturalness
as I experience my own.

And how much clearer my own psyche becomes through this.
All that I now know is infinitely truer, all encompassing realer
than I could ever grasp while isolated in my personal,
narrow world of perception.

Although I was born an empath and psychic,
personally, I felt separate, isolated.
I never imagined such safe closeness to another's inner being.
A perfect quenching of my imagined aloneness,
blossoms from the completeness of these companionships.

These revelations in world-views build in intensity
till I am raised to a subtler realm of being and perception,
where I experience the co-resonance of all our individual beings.

Each mind-melding that links us creates a bond,
the matrix of a web that links our psyches,
our souls, and forms a multidimensional grid.
My entities share with me the Knowing that this web-work
is the Wholelife Energy Bond.

I feel the resonance of all our individual beings
and psyches merge in the overriding harmonics
of the Cosmic Mind, of which each personal mind
is a single knowing, cell-self.
The universal synergy of our interrelationships
through the Wholelife Energy Bond,
holds me spellbound. Life-transforming realizations,
that were mere glimpses, now are blatantly real.

As the Divine Light of Universal Mind permeates this WEB
expressing Its Consciousness and Intention
through images and archetypes, they bring a new depth of awareness
of those enormous, imponderable meta-Thoughts,

The shear mass and momentum of these meta-Thoughts
are like bone-trembling land masses moving,
separating and colliding to form rifts into which
beatific oceans of Knowing pour,
or buckle up to form impassable mountain ranges
that touch the highest realms of transcendence.

In awed wonder, through the transcendent luminous
links of the Wholelife Energy Bond,
I experience Cosmic Consciousness
as it sweeps through mine. Joy explodes into ecstatic eternities.
It's Purpose far transcends my comprehension,
yet assuredly includes and manifests through me.

Though our personal psyches are but sparks, particles
strewn across the galaxy of this Universal Mind,
each of us who are of this WEB,
though no more than a mote in this vastness,
each has a role to play in it all.
And, even as we merge, we each remain unique --I am still I--
our individualities remain distinct.
There is room in this Realm for paradoxical being:
spacetime continues to exist, but in a multidimensional way.

My sense of inner rightness tells me with vivid clarity
that this level of mind that grasps the Wholelife Energy Bond
is my rightful Home. Witnessing awareness,
freed of all concepts and definitions, is passionately overwhelmed
with the underlying, omnipresent Source.
My whole being, to my essence,
is touched and filled with this Splendor.

My total self is absorbed in Essential Truth.

When I slowly come back to my worldly self,
to linear spacetime and the "real world,"
I'm both elated and thoroughly drained.
I lay back on my meditation mat and look around this room
-the cracked and not too clean walls,
the futon in the corner with the rumpled sheets,
my simple altar on the floor and my Mandala on the wall above it.
I look out the dusty window at the tarnished cross
atop the church's age discolored roof across the street.
With all the revelations I've just been granted,
all this seems just the same. Vision and reality. Reality and vision?
Still, I know, my mind is a cell in the Cosmic Mind,
my being is a doorway to the Infinite Source.



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